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Refill & Bottled Water

We specialize in a wide variety of the purest filtered water for any lifestyle. Our signature Alkaline Antioxidant water includes our Classic (9.5 pH), Premium (10.5 pH) and our top of the line Hydrogen Infused Water. Remember all our water undergoes a rigorous multi-step filtration - no question about the quality here!

Bring your own containers or choose from our wide range of  containers available in store. Any container purchase comes with your first fill up of Classic water free!

WaterBoy Pasadena refill bottled water

Shower Heads

Your skin is your largest organ - so protect & nurture it with a shower that does more then just rinse you off!

Our shower heads filter sediment & soften water with our proprietary anion plate technology. Anions are negative ions that remove positively charged ions (such as calcium and magnesium in hard water). Although hard water won't hurt you , it can make it difficult to rinse, leaves your hair dull & limp, and your skin dry & itchy. Our vitamin C filters go even further to create an aromatherapy experience that conditions, reduces chlorine, and moisturizes on contact. 


These filters come in a range of scents to turn any shower into a spa (including unscented for people with allergies). 

Shower heads and vitamin C

Health, Body & Wellness

People are more that the sum of their parts, and here at WaterBoy Pasadena, we believe in approaching health & wellness that way too. Big brands are heavy on chemicals and often ignore the natural ingredients people depended on for generations because chemicals are so cheap and plentiful.

What you put on, and in, your body is important to us, that's why we offer products that explore the most powerful natural methods for skin, nutrition, oral care, soaps, lotions, your home, and so much more.

If you're looking for another way to clean, heal, or just feel your best we can help!

Health body and wellness
WaterBoy Pasadena sells Tiger Beach Sea Moss

Filtration Systems

The ultimate solution for your water at home - whether it's just your kitchen sink or your entire home, we have a filtration solution for every water quality.

Bad city water, well supply, or chemicals that leach into your home's water can all affect your health and the taste and smell of your water. We have point-of-entry and under-counter systems that are fully configurable to combat the specific needs of your site. Unlike other filtration companies, we don't use salts that are undrinkable and kill your plants or use electricity to zap your water until it is dead.

Heavy-duty filtration, or just a higher quality drinking water is easily within reach.

Alkaline pitchers, Hydro machine filter systems
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