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It all began with a cup of coffee....

My wife came home all excited about this "water" she found. "You have to try it!". I said... "Water is water."

The next thing I know I'm drinking a cup of coffee and it tastes different. "What did you do to my coffee?!" I asked my lovely wife. She then informed me that she had taken the Alkaline water and made my coffee with it. "What?! This coffee is amazing... now tell me more about this water!"

Coffee Break

since 2017​

About Us...

Here at WaterBoy Pasadena, we carry a range of alkaline water solutions, including refills, filtration systems, and portable options. We also carry many wellness products that can help you sustain a healthy lifestyle. 

Our proprietary ceramic conversion process makes our water alkaline, and is designed to mimic natural water filtration. Using this method ensures that the water you purchase from us is the best tasting and healthiest water that you have ever had.  


Self-serve taps, bottle wash stations, pre-filled bottles off the shelf, and more are all available at our store. Offered at competitive prices, our alkaline water can assist you in restoring the human body to a healthy pH balance, while neutralizing acidity, maintaining strong bones, and promoting healthy weight loss.

We believe that water is life, and proper hydration creates optimal health and wellness. No matter your needs, you will be treated with the highest levels of care when you are dealing with any of the staff of Water Boy Baytown. Come by and visit us today!

Our Mission

WaterBoy Pasadena specializes in providing water and filtration solutions for every aspect of your daily life. We're dedicated to changing lives around the world with water filtered the way nature intended - pure, clean, alkaline water that's so vital we call it "The Living Water". By changing the water that you drink, cook, and bathe with in your home, you can feel good about your water, and even better yourself!

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